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  • Digital Marketing Training

    Did you know that BeKonstructive Marketing provide digital marketing training sessions for our clients? We teach you how to manage your own digital assets internally.

  • Offensive versus Defensive SEO Tactics

    Any easy way to get your head around all of the different factors that count towards your website ranking in Google is to think about it in terms of 'offensive' versus 'defensive'. Find out what they are and why you need them both in this blog.

  • Top 10 SEO Tips

    Google is a fickle beast that can change it's mind at a second's notice, but never fear! I have listed ten basic SEO tips to assist you when writing content for your website or blog.

  • Blogging: Growth vs Engagement

    There are two different types of blog articles: those written for audience engagement purposes and those written for SEO purposes. Find out what the difference is and which type you should be using for your brand.